Solutions for Mind & Body Performance

Win the night. Win the day.

From marathoners to mathletes to meditators, everyone needs an edge to exceed their potential. Consistently high sleep quality gives you that edge. Length of sleep, depth of sleep (Deep sleep and REM sleep), no sleeping or breathing disturbances, high oxygen saturation, and heart rate are all components of sleep quality.

Physician-designed, Airflow Sleep Systems provide everything you need to help improve the quality of your sleep by combining a patented pillow that maximizes breathing while you sleep, advanced sleep tracking devices, and Personal Sleep Advocates to provide expert sleep guidance just for you so you get consistent deep, restorative sleep. Sleep System pillows are designed to fully open your airway while you sleep, without pills or breathing devices. Just pure, natural sleep!

Your Personal Sleep Advocate can help you optimize your sleep so you can beat your best time, run that marathon, nail that business presentation, or make the honor roll at school.

Deep, restorative sleep speeds muscle recovery, aids alertness, sharpens reflexes and increases endurance – giving you a powerful performance edge in your next game, race, and everyday life.

Think of it this way: you eat nutritious meals, you buy the right footwear and gear, you seek expert training and medical advice and you always go the extra mile for the activities you love. Now top it off with the ultimate advantage: deep, game-changing sleep.


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